Who’s Who?

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Who lit 20 packets of candles to their patron saint? Who is the Penny Stock General? Who has their own submarine? Who’s the best banker in the royalty business? Who makes their own corned beef? Who caught up with the Pope? Who’s done long stints in Moscow? Who calls the shots inside hedge fund K2? Who cleaned-up Bingham Canyon? Who owns a rice plantation in South Carolina? Who pushed Kinross to buy Red Back? Who owns a forest in Transylvania? Who resigned to focus on stargazing? Who gave away $350m? Who wants a Nobel Prize for mining in the Congo? Who listened to their Rabbi in New York in ‘87? Who raised $7bn for Gina Rinehart? Who is Orion’s key man in the royalty market? Who is Oleg’s key banker in London? Who is Hans Mende? Online edition »