Good to see you put the record straight on Sam Walsh's legacy at Rio Tinto (“Walsh: 2020 Vision). Since his appointment as head of iron ore in 2004, Rio has produced more than it did in the prior four decades.
Revealing that your article called out Fairfax and Goldman Sachs for incorrectly criticising his strategy, though you omitted to mention Global Mining Observer's own comment from the time, calling him “short-sighted.” With 16 mines, 4 ports and 4 power stations, Rio's cumulative gains in its most profitable division show the opposite, and always have. Australia

Thank you for the article on securitisation and streaming (Banks Eye $230bn of Mining Deals). Streams are steadily replacing debt. For clarity, I have converted your figures into doughnut equivalent. After a decade of growth, the streaming sector now generates enough revenue to buy 461 doughnuts for every professional in the mining industry. Hopefully that demonstrates the profitability. London, UK

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