Who's Who? 2019


“Outstanding... Excellent... Hugely readable... Beautifully put together... Has got everyone talking... He is not planning legal action. He just wants to have extra copies for close friends... Superb... Howling with laughter... the irrelevant nonsense you wrote... A true labour of love... I have a load of work to do and I can't put it down... should be compulsory annual reading for all my analysts... I'm definitely taking it home with me tonight... An excellent book.”

Thank you for all feedback following last year's edition of the Who's Who. To improve, we're moving online. What is the purpose of the Who's Who? Over dinner in New York, mining investor Frank Giustra once tried to buy a gold mine off a businessman from South America. Discussions were going nowhere, until they discovered a shared interest in Mexican art. Dinner came to life. The deal soon closed. There is huge value in knowing your counterpart. At the heart of the industry are people. Every discovery and every pitch deck is a new permutation on existing relationships that propel the industry forward. The purpose of the Who's Who is to introduce people to one another globally and at the top of the industry. 400 names and profiles are under the cards below. To add additional contenders, please click here: submissions.

The cards below will be turned over as each new section is released to Global Mining Observer’s subscribers: