Thank you for your article on copper in Mongolia and the Andes (“Cashmere or Alpaca?”), an interesting read. Our company has invested in Ecuador, and Mongolia is actually on our 'off-limits' list. A few reasons: the arbitration case between Khan Resources and Mongolia gave me a bad taste, Rio Tinto continues to have a hard time in the country and ongoing investigations continue. As per Ecuador,

the government is more supportive, three major mines are in construction, there is no mandatory ownership by the government and excellent infrastructure, including cheap power and fuel. $1.6bn of new investment has been announced since 2017 from some of the world's largest miners. It is also on the same timezone to Canada. More money's going into exploration in Ecuador than Mongolia. Toronto

Plus: Peter Munk’s marina, casino profits and fracking for copper in Arizona. And: New cricket column (coming soon)

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